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Corporate Prayer Suggestions

The following testimony comes from the Forward to Andrew Murray’s book The Prayer-Life (1913) regarding Pentecost Prayer Meetings.

I  wish  to  add  one  word  more,  in  regard  to  “the  Pentecostal  prayer-meetings”  held  throughout  our  Church  [Dutch  Reform  Church  of  South  Africa].  These  have  had  a  very  interesting  and  important  place  in  our  work. At the time of the great Revival in America and Ireland in 1858 and following  years,  some  of  our  elder  ministers  issued  a  circular  urging  the  Churches to pray that God might visit us too. In 1860 the revival broke out in various parishes. On April, 1861, there was very deep interest shown in the  Paarl,  in  one  of  our  oldest  congregations.  During  the  week  preceding  Whitsunday the minister, who ordinarily preached only once on a Sunday, announced that in the afternoon there would be a public prayer-meeting in the  Church.  The  occasion  was  one  of  extraordinary  interest,  and  many  hearts  were  deeply  touched.  As  one  result  the  minister  suggested  that  in  future   the   ten   days   between   Ascension   and   Whitsunday   should   be   observed  by  daily  prayer-meetings.  This  took  place  the  following  year.  The   blessing   then   received   was   such   that   all   the   neighbouring   congregations took up the suggestion, and now for fifty years the ten days of  prayer  have  been  observed  throughout  the  whole  Church.  Each  year  notes  were  issued  as  subjects  of  addresses  and  prayer,  and  the  result  has  been  that  throughout  our  whole  Church  Christians  have  been  educated  in  the knowledge of what God’s Word teaches regarding the Holy Spirit, and have  been  stirred  to  seek  and  to  yield  themselves  to  His  blessed  leading.  These  ten  days  have  often  proved  the  occasion  for  special  effort  with  the  unconverted,  and  of  partial  revival.  And  they  have  been  the  means  of  untold blessing in leading ministers and people to recognize the place that the Holy Spirit ought to have of the Godhead in the heart of the believer, in  the  dealing  with  souls,  and  in  consecration  to  the  service  of  the  Kingdom.

There is still  very  much  indeed  lacking  of  the  full  knowledge  and  power  of  the  Holy  Spirit,  but  we  feel  that  we  cannot  be  sufficiently  grateful  to  God  for  what  He  has  done  through  His  leading  us  to  dedicate  these days to special prayer for the movings of His Holy Spirit.

I  have  written  this  with  the  thought  that  there  may  be  some  who  will  be glad to know of it, and in their sphere to unite in the observance.

During the 8 days of consecration, plan for some corporate prayer experiences. Provide specific suggestions for a variety of prayer emphases during the week or for each day. Where appropriate incorporate a brief message and music, only don’t substitute them for an extended time for prayer each day. Prayer should dominate your time together. The following are some suggestions for your consideration.

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