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Taking Prayers to the Streets

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An ancient proverb states, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” The study of prayer journeys is one step to spiritual growth and renewal. A prayer journey can be defined as an intentional, coordinated effort to pray for and share Jesus with every person in a geographical or cultural community. It includes prayerwalking, biking, driving, flying, inline skating, and other forms of transportation. Prayer journeys help believers recognize the importance of prayer before witnessing and during outreach events.

This prayerwalking material can help a teacher or prayer coordinator mobilize others to take prayer to the streets. It includes everything needed to help believers pray for and share Jesus with people in their communities. This Taking Prayer to the Streets guidebook includes lesson plans, listening guide masters, and a CD that contains a read-me-first instruction file, a Power Point presentation, listening guides, clip art, design for a sample prayer request post card and a follow-up card. There is also a pocket guide with Scripture to use on a prayerwalk.

There are three parts to this guidebook. The first part gives abbreviated group training for prayerwalking. This simplified lesson plan can be taught in about one and a half hours, followed by literally “taking prayer to the streets.” Debriefing after the trial prayerwalk will reinforce what the class has learned and give them hands-on experience quickly.

The next two parts are divided into blocks of sessions. The first three sessions expand on prayerwalking and regional prayer journeys to involve everyone in the congregation. Sessions four through six lay a biblical foundation for faithfulness in prayer.