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The 3:16 Journey of Love Prayer Calendar

This Prayer Calendar, “The 3:16 Journey of Love,” focuses on John 3:16 (perhaps the best known Bible verse in the world). God loves us and He has clearly shown that in His Gift of His Son to live among us, to die for us, for all our sins, wrongs, rebellion, then to rise from the dead and give forgiveness and His life to us. Someone has well said “Jesus gave His Life for us, to give His Life to us, to live His Life in us, to express His Life through us!” That is the Greatest Love Gift ever known, ever shown.

Every word in John 3:16 tells us something about the Father’s Gift of His Son and our Salvation. It reveals the heartbeat of God—“God so loved… He gave….” Let this Calendar focus your heart every day as you pray and go about your daily schedule. Look for ways God is showing His love to you and thank Him. Look for ways, for open doors He is giving you to show His love to others and to share the Message of “God so loved…” with others so they too can know Jesus as Lord and Savior and His Eternal Life. What a gift! What an opportunity we have each day! If you do not yet know Him as your Father, you can call on Him now (Romans 10:9-13). Turn to Him from any and all sin, anything that is not His will, and place your faith in the work of His Son Jesus—His death on the Cross, His resurrection from the grave, His enthronement as Lord (Philippians 2:5-11). Give Him your life, your sin and in exchange receive His Love, His Life and His Righteousness (John 3:15-16; Romans 3:21-26; Titus 3:3-7).

HERE’S HOW DAILY… THE PRAYER CALENDAR has Seven Focus Points, one each day centered around specific Scriptures. Each day’s prayer focuses on one of seven aspects of John 3:16. Each week also highlights one of the themes from John 3:16. Read the Scripture each day—What is God saying? What should you be praying? Pray for your life, your family, and for those the Lord brings to mind. Ask God to guide you this day. For example, the Prayer Scripture for every Tuesday focuses on Greatest Gift, based on “He gave…” Tuesday, January 5, focuses on the Indescribable Gift of God. Apply and Pray. Share this with others. Remember, you can also use this Calendar as part of a Family Devotion Time. Options on how to use this Calendar: Whole Church, seeking the Lord together. Prayer Partner, praying with another believer. Small Group gathering each week. Day of Prayer with Fasting Option. For info and resources to help with these options go to

Click here to download the calendar.

The calendar may be used during any 60-day period.